Remates Mágicos is the first solidarity gamification platform that invites you to live unique experiences with your idols.


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Remates Mágicos is the first online fundraising platform that makes you to live unique experiences with your idols for the benefit of social causes.

To win this Magic Moments, users can: play in the auction, donate to the benefitial cause or share on their social networks.

Therefore people can live an unforgettable experience with their idols, a dream that they'll remember forever!



It´s  a unique and unforgettable experience with your idols, a fantastic moment that you will remember forever!

Single magic moment:
It's the experience that can win the participant who has made the highest bid at the auction!


Shared magic moment:
It´s the experience that the group of winners live, including those from the auction and the two draws!

can you help

Playing, donating or even just sharing in your social networks and you are already helping!


We allocate the money raised through the auction and the donation platform to charitable causes!!


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Playing in the auction

Participate in a Sweepstake

Sharing on Social Media

Make your best offer to win the Magical Moment! The higher offers at the bid closure will be the winners

Contribute to the charity cause from the auction and earn points to participate for a place in the Magical Moment!

By buying tickets ranging from $100 ARS to $1000 ARS you have the chance to win a place in our experience! 

By sharing the beneficial causes on your social networks you can allow more people getting to know the cause!

So everytime you share on social media you win a chance to participate in a place in the magic moment! Yes, it´s free!


Due to the pandemic COVID- 19, all the funds in Remates Mágicos will be raised for the Argentinian Red Cross to contribute into social and health aspects to support people that are in vulnerable situations. 






Our Team

Agustín Jaite

Co - founder & Director de coordinacion y legales

Joaquín Alvarez Vitale

Co - founder & Co-chief executive officer

Agustín Villalba Orúe

Co - founder & Co-chief executive officer

Fernando Jaite

Co - founder & Commercial Director

Dylan Williams

Live Streaming Lead

Nicolás Tarigo
Responsible for Social networks

Max Boso

Press lead

María Fernanda Guindi

Lead designer

Joaquín Repetto

Lead developer




In Remates Mágicos we are looking forward to make playing and donating become a new habit 

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